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Promise For Tomorrow



Laughing as the music ended, she leaned into Jhaan’s strength while she caught her breath. That wicked part of her enjoyed the security of his arm around her waist as he escorted her back to their table. Taking her seat, she was aware of that odd tickling sensation once more. Putting a hand to her head, she wondered if she’d had too much wine. The oddest thoughts were flickering through her mind.

“How long does the dancing last?” she asked.

He sipped his wine, all the while gazing down at her through hooded eyes. He made even that simple act provocative. His other arm slid along the back of her chair once more, and she felt his fingers again playing with the long strands of her hair.

“A while longer. The rising will occur shortly.”

“Why are—” Rianna broke off and met the heated, molten gold of his, forgetting her question. His beautiful face was intent as his fingertips left her hair and rose to lightly trace the delicate curves of her cheek. His eyes were a physical brush against her skin.

“Jhaan…?” she began, then stopped. Every thought scattered like thistle in the wind as she felt herself falling into those mesmerizing eyes. A quiet sigh escaped her lips and his gaze dropped to her mouth. That tickling sensation at the back of her mind suddenly flared into an inferno of sensuous images, unbidden visions sweeping through her mind. She could see the two of them tangled in silken sheets. She was arching against Jhaan’s hard body, her hands grasping frantically at his shoulders as he rolled over to position her on top of him, their undulating motion unbroken.

Rianna felt her blood catch fire, her heart slam in her chest. The sensuous images transfixed her, the room fading from her consciousness.

An answering wildness rose from somewhere deep within her, demanding release. She wanted him—no! It went far beyond that. She burned for him. The unfamiliar taste of desire coated her tongue, drying her throat. Her eyes slitted nearly shut as her passion rose to answer his, encouraging him. Rianna barely felt the feather touch of fingers brushing against the outer curve of her breast, the action hidden from the room by his body’s position. Light as the touch was, it snapped her back to her senses.

These weren’t her thoughts! These images weren’t originating from her mind. They were his.

With a horrified cry, Rianna broke the contact, leaping to her feet. The sudden motion sent her chair tumbling backwards to the floor with a resounding crash. She backed away from him, aghast. Raising a shaking hand she pressed it against her mouth even as the images continued to dance through her mind for moment longer before abruptly dissolving. She could still feel the heat winding through her belly, leaving her burning with need, her body making relentless urgent demands upon her. She heard herself moan with that unfamiliar hunger. Jhaan rose to his feet, his face blank as he calmly straightened her chair, holding it for her to resume her seat. “Please sit down.”

Rianna hesitated, almost frightened as she stared at him.

Telepathy! Mind control! How could such a thing be possible? She had heard of people possessing some degree of uncanny awareness, but nothing to this extent. A part of her refused to believe the existence of such a supernatural concept. The notion was abhorrent! Struggling to rein in her imagination, Rianna couldn’t deny the images that had invaded her mind. A shiver of revulsion swept through her at the thought of someone messing with her mind, of being privy to her most private thoughts.

“Please,” he repeated, his voice pitched low for her ears only. “We will talk later.”

It was then that she became conscious of the silence in the room. Tearing her eyes away from his, she noticed that every head was turned towards the two of them. Even the musicians had halted, instruments held poised. Suddenly this magical evening threatened to dissolve into a surreal illusion.

Staring around at all those faces, she wondered if those sensual images were visible in her face. The color rose in her cheeks before she regained her self-control. With a defiant tilt of her chin, years of court training came to her rescue as she controlled her fear, stamping down on it with a ruthless determination. Still, she hesitated before stepping forward, careful to avoid any physical contact with Jhaan as she slipped back into her seat. Deliberately, she kept both her face and mind blank. What she had just experienced had been very real. Not a hallucination.

Questions whirled through her mind, flooding her thoughts, demanding answers she did not possess. A part of her wanted to run screaming, to hide from this invasion on her senses, but she forced herself to remain seated.




Fallen Angel Review- November 2007
By: Jean – Five Angel Review

“The author skillfully blends science fiction and romance, resulting in a balanced but suspenseful plot. The multiple plotlines serve to increase the tension leading to a grand climax in which all is resolved. I really enjoyed this novel.”

Romance Reviews Today – March 2008
By Vi Janaway

“PROMISE FOR TOMORROW, a rousing delight of a read. Danger, deceit, betrayal, love, and surprises both good and bad, abound and surround them all. An excellent story of an intriguing culture and a paradise that should remain unspoiled with dreamy style and colorful prose. Get it, read it, KEEP it.”

Romantic Times:

Awards Promise For Tomorrow 4 ½ Stars. It also made the "TOP PICK" list of books.


Romantic Times Magazine Says:

“This action-filled thrill ride is full of romance and suspense. Readers will delight in this fast-paced, engaging novel.”

Coffee Times Reviews Says:

“Ms. Kreger has a talent for drawing out the action in such a way as to keep the reader on their toes until the very last page. It is full of more twists and turns than you would find on a roller coaster… I highly recommend it!.”

Fallen Angel Reviews:

“I like the author’s writing style, which is fairly straightforward and robust, because it moves the action of the plot along without dallying and is colorful without being overly flowery.”


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