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Stories by Liz Kreger

Dragon Magic

Dragon MagicWith magic newly legalized, Practitioner Jenna Carmichael ekes out a living that U.S. Senator Sam Jordan wants to close down – until Sam’s aunt vanishes shortly after her discovery of a relic called the Dragon Medallion, along with a quarter of a million dollars in company funds. Although Sam is forced to hire Jenna to locate Aunt Connie before the stockholders meeting where he must account for the missing funds, he cannot hide his attraction to Jenna ... or his distrust. Jenna fights her own attraction to the by-the-book senator, even as she realizes he is a powerful dormant Practitioner, a revelation that could destroy his political career. Will they locate his missing aunt, discover the mystery of the Dragon Medallion, and stop a deranged Grand Master Practitioner determined to rule the world with DRAGON MAGIC?

Promise for Tomorrow

Promise for TomorrowOnly days from being disqualified from the royal throne of Dakar, Jhaan is diverted from his quest to locate his psi-mate by the attempted assassination of Rianna Chartier, a princess of the Zarian realm. To Jhane’s shock he realizes that this beautiful alien is the psi-mate he had been searching for and despite the fact that she is to wed another man in a politically advantageous match, marries her without her knowledge or consent. It is while dodging assassins and internal court intrigue that they discover that Rianna is not the only one someone wants dead.

Mirror of My Soul

Cursed to immortality by the theft of his soul, Alexander St. Ives is strangely drawn to Dayna Hamilton; the woman who possesses the mirror in which Alex’s soul is trapped. Only she has the ability to free him from his centuries long torment and make him whole once more. However, an evil shadow in the form of the witch who cursed Alex enters their lives. Insane, Sylvia is determined that Alex’s torment never ends and takes steps to ensure that Dayna does not succeed in her quest.

Darkness Before the Dawn

Darkness before the DawnRiona Northstar hasn’t been human in centuries, changed into a Sithi and charged, along with her brethren by Her Lady to return the world to its once pristine state. Nearing the end of her task, Riona is looking forward to returning home to a well deserved rest when her journey is interrupted a chance meeting with one of her descendants in need of her help. Merry is on the run from the Skori, creatures that were once human but chose to follow the leadership of the Dark Lord. Impatient with His siblings’ reluctance to allow him his turn to rule the world, the Dark Lord takes matters into his own hands and sets into motion a series of events to ensure his rule. Drawn into the web of danger and deceit, Riona is forced to accept the help of the wizard, Finnegan, and unravel the tangle of events in which her descendant is embroiled and discover why young Merry is the key.




Fallen Angel Review- November 2007
By: Jean – Five Angel Review

“The author skillfully blends science fiction and romance, resulting in a balanced but suspenseful plot. The multiple plotlines serve to increase the tension leading to a grand climax in which all is resolved. I really enjoyed this novel.”

Romance Reviews Today – March 2008
By Vi Janaway

“PROMISE FOR TOMORROW, a rousing delight of a read. Danger, deceit, betrayal, love, and surprises both good and bad, abound and surround them all. An excellent story of an intriguing culture and a paradise that should remain unspoiled with dreamy style and colorful prose. Get it, read it, KEEP it.”

Romantic Times:

Awards Promise For Tomorrow 4 ˝ Stars. It also made the "TOP PICK" list of books.


Romantic Times Magazine Says:

“This action-filled thrill ride is full of romance and suspense. Readers will delight in this fast-paced, engaging novel.”

Coffee Times Reviews Says:

“Ms. Kreger has a talent for drawing out the action in such a way as to keep the reader on their toes until the very last page. It is full of more twists and turns than you would find on a roller coaster… I highly recommend it!.”

Fallen Angel Reviews:

“I like the author’s writing style, which is fairly straightforward and robust, because it moves the action of the plot along without dallying and is colorful without being overly flowery.”


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