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Cancer Warrior - Late … Again

Yep, this time I’m late by over a week … nearly two weeks. (I hang my head in shame). Okay, maybe not.

There hasn’t really been a hellava lot to report. The One Eyed Purple People Eater is still there … doin’ nuthin’. I’ll probably have to break down and call the bone doctor to lance that sucker. Really don’t want to do that, but hey, that thing is groddy lookin’. In the long run, I’m sure I’ll be happier with it gone.

Well, I guess there are a few things to report. One of which is that my tumor markers went up again. This is the third time in a row. And by 102 points. Not a huge jump, but it puts me at 1,318, which is not the direction I want to go in. I’ll be seeing Dr. Mac this coming Thursday, so we’ll see what she has to say. I’m hoping we’re not giving up on the Kadcylya yet, but if the tumor markers rise for a fourth time, I guess we’ll have to look at other options.

With regard to the broken foot, no I didn’t call Dr. Webber. I figure that only thing he could do is put me in a boot and I figure with how sturdy the shoes I now wear, my foot is getting the same support that I would get from a boot. Plus, this allows me to drive without having to remove the silly thing each and every time. I had learned how to drive with a boot the last time this happened, but that was when I had full use of my left leg and able to brake using my left foot. Not an option this time. There’s absolutely no pain and I figure it’s healing just fine on its own. If it becomes an issues, I’ll call the bone doctor.

And remember to repeat after me …“YOU ARE A CANCER WARRIOR”

2 Responses to “Cancer Warrior - Late … Again”

  1. Edie Ramer Says:

    Liz, I wish the numbers would go down. I think you’re getting to know your own body, at least as far as the break goes. And that’s good!

  2. Karina Says:

    Podolgo vreme One imaat odlichna pounda. Verojatno najdobar odnos kvalitet/cena. Ama ova so cena za vospostavuvanje povik im e najglupo neshto shto go napravile. Sami si se vrakjaat od percepcija na operator koj raboti bez skrieni troshoci (i reklami imaa so koja gi trolaa T-Mobile i Vip) vo standarden operator. Tapa poteg.

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