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Cancer Warrior - New Concern?

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I’m late with this blog … sorry. My appointment with Dr. D wasn’t until this morning, and naturally I had to head for my day job afterwards. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to get on the computer to blog. Busy, busy, busy.

Anyway, I’m not so sure that this is something to be concerned about, but for the past week my left hip had been hurting. You might recall a couple of months ago, I’d been having a problem with my right hip and we found that there was a fracture, so naturally I figured it was the same thing with the left. Perhaps I fractured it. But it wasn’t getting any better, despite being careful, so I broke down and called the clinic. They advised me to go see my ortho. Now, Dr. Evanich is apparently a very busy man, because the earliest they could get me in was August 22nd. Nope, not good. I mentioned a possible fracture and the woman who makes appointments immediately recommended that I either go to emergency or an Urgent Care to get x-rays. If it is a fracture, they could streamline me in to see the ortho. Oooookaaay.

I did as suggested and went to a nearby Urgent Care. However, the x-ray didn’t show a break. Instead, the doctor who looked it over said it looked like the femur had metastication (however you spell it) in it. Huh? I knew my hip had metastication from the cancer, but didn’t know how low it had extended. Dr. D got a copy of the report and when I saw him this morning, he wasn’t concerned. If he ain’t concerned — then I’m not concerned.

He did order a complete bone scan, which I gotta do on Monday. Joy beyond words. Still, better safe than sorry.

And remember to repeat after me …“YOU ARE A CANCER WARRIOR”

Bitch Session - I Got Nuthin’

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Absolutely amazing. Woke this morning … feelin’ pretty good and came down to do this blog, trying to think of something to bitch about, and — I got nuthin’. I mean, c’mon. There’s always something to bitch about and normally I’m very vocal about stuff that bugs me.

But this morning? Nuthin’.

The sun is shining. The day promises to be gorgeous. Work should be a cinch since both of my bosses are out of town on vacation. We have concert in the park tonight — which is always enjoyable. Even if some of the bands aren’t particularly good, they seem to get better as the evening continues and the beer flows. :wink:

Nope. Nuthin’.

So everyone have a great day and hope it turns out as well as mine promises to be.

WoW - Fund Raising

Monday, August 8th, 2011

First off, this blog has little to do with writing and a lot to do with the generosity of people. This past weekend I was in Rio, Wisconsin, participating in a fund raising effort which the camp group that my brother and SIL has a camper on does every year for the local EMS people. That’s Emergency Medical Service for those who doesn’t know what “EMS” stands for.

Anyway, despite the recession, this small camp ground managed to raise slightly over $12,000.00. How incredible is that? Personally, I would have bet on $8,000.00 … tops. That we nailed $12,000.00 is just amazing.

I, and about ten other people combined our efforts and put together a basket called “Nestle with a Nook”. We included a Nook E-Reader, a warm and fuzzy Snugli sorta thing, wine, glasses, chocolate and a couple of gift cards. Rather than do an auction (which may or may not garner more money) we decided to do a raffle. Our basket alone managed to raise over $800.00. I was so pleased with the results.

This is where I admit that I was also the winner of this raffle basket. :lol:

Now I know how Edie felt when she won the Kindle basket when we did a raffle basket at our local WisRWA conference. Elated, yet slightly embarrassed. At least, I did. Since I already had a Nook, I gave the one I won to my brother. He’s an avid reader and will enjoy it. :cool:

Cancer Warrior - Losses and Update

Friday, August 5th, 2011

First of all, I’d like to say that the writing community and readers everywhere has lost a wonderful author. L.A. Banks passed away this past week as a result of adrenal cancer. It was a tragic loss since … as I understand it … earlier this year Leanna spoke before congress on the necessity of affordable health insurance and how was a choice between insuring herself or insuring her daughter.

Her decision (and I feel a correct one) was to insure her daughter. Within a month or so, Leanna was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer. Who among us would have made the other choice? She was healthy at the time and felt her daughter’s health was a primary concern.

L.A. Bank will be missed.

Not a lot of new news on the cancer front here. Had my regular treatment yesterday and everything appears pretty good. My feet, however, are beginning to react. Not with the humongous blisters that I’d been getting the first time I did this particular treatment, but the bottoms of my feet are bright red and very dry. I’m presently slathering them nightly with heavy duty lotion — Bag Balm … which was originally created for cows, of all things. Huge pain in the ass, but it beats wonky feet.

Other than that, I think the diarrhea is finally under control … maybe … somewhat. I see Dr. D next week and we’ll see what he has to say about the feet issues.

And remember to repeat after me …“YOU ARE A CANCER WARRIOR”

Bitch Session - Lemons from Lemonade?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

This Bitch Session is courtesy of my sister, Margie, who spied an editorial article in the local newspaper where a couple of young girls in Georgia were fined a couple a hundred dollars for having a lemonade stand.

That’s right … a lemonade stand. These kids (they don’t mention an age but I think we can guess around ten — if not younger) set a lemonade stand to earn money to go to a waterpark. The local cops, in their infinite wisdom, closed them down because they didn’t have a license, a health permit and whatever else bureaucratic requirement.

Now granted, I probably can’t blame the cops since they’re no doubt doin’ their job. But what about the city council of that town. I should mention that the town isn’t revealed in the article. Just that this happened in Georgia. Who had to bright idea of requiring permits, etc. for something so rinky-dink?

These kids would have probably pulled in all of $10 if they were lucky. Instead, they (or I should say, their parents) will end up paying a couple of hundred dollars in fines. Personally, I’d take this to the local newspapers and fight it in court.

And they wonder why we’re such a litigious society.

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