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About Liz

Liz KregerBorn and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, I’m number eight of ten kids. Reading and writing became my escape.  Somewhere I can let my imagination free rein.  I feel like I’ve been writing my entire life.  I discovered romances in my late teens but after reading countless Harlequin categories and historicals, I moved on to science fiction.  It wasn’t until five or six years ago when I found paranormal romances that I discovered what I wanted to be when I grow up.  A romance writer.  I haven’t looked back since.

I still live in Southeastern Wisconsin with my husband and daughter. Between working full time as a legal assistant, attending to my family (and pets), and writing ... I manage to keep on top of things, in a manic sort of way.

Top Five Favorite Activities:
-Visiting Family and Friends
-Walks on the Beach - Preferably Tropical

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Fallen Angel Review- November 2007
By: Jean – Five Angel Review

“The author skillfully blends science fiction and romance, resulting in a balanced but suspenseful plot. The multiple plotlines serve to increase the tension leading to a grand climax in which all is resolved. I really enjoyed this novel.”

Romance Reviews Today – March 2008
By Vi Janaway

“PROMISE FOR TOMORROW, a rousing delight of a read. Danger, deceit, betrayal, love, and surprises both good and bad, abound and surround them all. An excellent story of an intriguing culture and a paradise that should remain unspoiled with dreamy style and colorful prose. Get it, read it, KEEP it.”

Romantic Times:

Awards Promise For Tomorrow 4 ˝ Stars. It also made the "TOP PICK" list of books.


Romantic Times Magazine Says:

“This action-filled thrill ride is full of romance and suspense. Readers will delight in this fast-paced, engaging novel.”

Coffee Times Reviews Says:

“Ms. Kreger has a talent for drawing out the action in such a way as to keep the reader on their toes until the very last page. It is full of more twists and turns than you would find on a roller coaster… I highly recommend it!.”

Fallen Angel Reviews:

“I like the author’s writing style, which is fairly straightforward and robust, because it moves the action of the plot along without dallying and is colorful without being overly flowery.”


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